Walk the Aisle Like Kristen Stewart in BREAKING DAWN

Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

So, what does Kristen Stewart wear as Bella Swan, walking down the aisle at last to join Robert Pattinson’s dreamy Edward Cullen in holy matrimony? I won’t just describe the luscious gown to you by way of a tiny, tiny spoiler alert, if you have yet to enjoy Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part one, but I’ll also fill you in on the good news that can pertain to your very own fairy tale wedding, ladies!

The gown was beautiful and well worth the wait. In a wedding sequence under the shade of a white-flowered tree, in the back yard of the Cullen house, Bella clutches Charlie’s arm deliriously as they walk down the aisle toward Edward. She’s a mess of nerves. No, she isn’t as gorgeous as an immortal, but her dress is worthy of one.

The wedding dress has a beautiful, sheer, see through back in a flattering shape, offering a window to the bride’s back, but tastefully so, even if it is a little low. Classy white buttons trail down this ‘window”. Around front the white sheath wedding dress is modest and old fashioned, but accentuated with modern seams, flattering Bella’s subtle curves. I immediately told my friend that sort of dress would be perfect for her! And now, if she really wants to, she can wear it.

Carolina Herrera’s CHNY boutiques are scheduled to begin selling these Breaking Dawn style gowns next year. Herrera used the words “innocent” and “magic” to describe what led her to plan to offer the gown for sale. If you want the dress and don’t fancy the wait, a Reuters report suggests Alfred Angelo stores are already selling replicas from $799.

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