Emma Watson Rouge in Love Lancome

Emma Watson’s fashion sense, or maybe just her fan appeal, has provided her with a couple of extra duties with Lancome. In addition to being the spokesperson for their fragrance line, she’s now the new face for their Rouge in Love lipstick collection.

The Harry Potter star has taken the first step in distancing herself from Hermione Granger with a role in the Marilyn Monroe story, My Week with Marilyn, but numerous endeavors in the world of modeling and fashion have proven that she doesn’t need the big screen to stay firmly planted in the spotlight. The new pieces of concept art from The Huffington Post show Emma still sporting her pixie haircut in a couple of very stylish hand-drawn pictures, which just go to show that I know absolutely nothing about the world of fashion because not even the streaks of color clued me in on the fact that these were ads for lipstick.

I know concept art is a long way from being a finished promo but I think the mark has been missed with the photo on the right. I think the image on the left is good to go as is, but the one on the right looks like a Photoshopped mess. The head doesn’t seem to fit the body and the hat definitely doesn’t fit the head.

The new Rouge in Love lipsticks, which include 24 different shades, will be making their debut in early 2012.