Ender’s Game Film Casts Stilson

Brenden Meyer, Ender's Game, Mr. Young

Bullies and bullying is a hot button issue right now in the real world. Well, it was also important to the plot of the Orson Scott Card classic, Ender’s Game. That’s not unusual. What I adore about science fiction is how readily it relates to the important issues of real life, never mind the fantastic elements involved. Even the classic film, The Never-ending Story, included bullies. So, who will play Ender’s bully on the big screen? All shall be revealed.

His name is Brendan Meyer, and he is already a very popular Canadian teen star, according to the THR exclusive. He will play Stilson, who makes Ender’s school life fairly miserable.

Meyer is 17-year-old years old. He starred in as Adam Young on the YTV and Disney XD series, Mr. Young,a child prodigy who graduates from college at age 14, sort of like Doogie Howser, and then becomes his high school’s newest science teacher.

Hailee Steinfeld and Ben Kingsley are also in negotiations to join the film’s cast. Next year production will begin for Ender’s Game in New Orleans with a projected March 2013 release date. Gavin Hood directs based on his own script. Ender’s Game is about a young boy genius whose prowess at a video game lands him a gig with the International Fleet as a child soldier of a sort, tasked with fighting off a threatening alien race.

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