Hawaii Five-0 CBS

Hawaii Five-0 is ringing in the New Year in a big way, with it’s first episode of 2012 being one you will not want to miss. The Five-0 team will find themselves in a bit of a pickle when Joe (Terry O’Quinn is accused of murdering a man’s father and suddenly guns are being being pointed everywhere! Don’t believe me? Check it out in the promo video for “Ka Ho’oponopono” (The Fix) embedded below for your viewing pleasures. It may leave a lot of what will be happening in the episode out, but it’s a wild ride nonetheless.

As I said, Joe is in trouble, thanks entirely to his inability to tell the truth about certain events. He stubbornly keeps quiet about whether or not he murdered anyone and now McGarrett and the others can’t help him. The Yakuza want blood and they’re the kind of people who usually get what they want. So if they’re mistaken or misinformed about Joe, he needs to come clean about it. Now does this not sound like the perfect episode to start 2012 with? And that’s not all that will be happening, no sir.

While Joe is dealing with his past, a high school girl was killed in what appears to be a professional hit. The thing is nobody knows why she was targeted, which is information they need to know if they want to catch her killer. I’m going to say it was drug related. That’s usually a safe bet in these cases.