Big Brother

LiLo fans will want to mark their calendars because Lindsay Lohan is going to unveil her Playboy pictorial while doing an interview on an upcoming episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Yes, that time is almost upon us and I’m sure there are still some people out there anxiously awaiting the moment they get to open up the mag that Hef built just to drool over Lindsay Lohan’s post-jail body. Of course, since all the time she’s spent behind bars doesn’t even equal one whole day, she can’t blame inmate life on the way she looks these days.

According to NY Post, Lindsay chose The Ellen DeGeneres Show to make her first television appearance since spending time in the ‘big house,’ and she’ll be chatting with Ellen in order to give a little PR love to her Playboy pictorial, which will be in the January/February issue of Playboy.

Ellen can sometimes bring some stuff from out of nowhere but I figure she’ll probably be sticking pretty close to the script this time around and keeping the conversation focused on the photos, although I’d love to see her bring up something about the nearly $1 million that Lohan received for the photo spread because the sometimes-jailbird apparently learned how to steal legally by getting the bunny mag to agree to that extravagant figure. Sorry, Hef, but what were you thinking? There was a time when Lindsay was worth that kind of cash, but that time has passed.

You can catch Lohan on Ellen on December 15 and the LiLo issue of Playboy goes on sale later this month.