Grimm NBC

Whenever a show needs a good guest star, a safe bet is to take a look at whoever has appeared on Lost and then just book them, which I’m pretending is exactly what Grimm has done. Along with being tapped for Grimm, Welliver starts a recurring role on CSI this week. The man always seems to be busy, even before he was on Lost. So who will he play on Grimm? Will he be a human or a monster?

According to TVLine, Welliver plays Farley Holt, a creature capable or morphing into a steinadler, which is the German name for a golden eagle. Whether or not this ties into some fairy tale is beyond me. For all I know, there could be a German story involving a steinadler, but I sure haven’t found one. Regardless, Farley is more important than just what animal he can turn in to. Nick (David Giuntoli) questions him about some gold coins that place a hold over anyone who has them in their possession. Farley knows the history of these coins well and gives up the information he knows. I guess he’s not the worst creature out there.

This week marks the appearance of Daniel Roebuck (also from Lost) as Lt. Orson, a Portland officer in the arson division. He arrives to investigate a fire linked to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell). And out of all of that, all I could focus on was how close Orson was to arson. The sharp minded will quickly remember Roebucks character on Lost was killed by exploding dynamite. I have a bad feeling about Orson.