TEEN WOLF Season 2 Pack Expands

Teen Wolf

There are pros and cons to getting bitten by a werewolf. For Tyler Posey, the actor behind MTV’s Teen Wolf, being renewed for a fresh second season was definitely a pro. One of the cons however, is a new actor headed to the Atlanta set to bring to life a troublesome werewolf hunter. Get ready to run, Scott.

Teen Wolf centers on Scott McCall, resident of Beacon Hills. And the Beacon Hills population just got bigger and more dangerous for our wolf. TV Guide‘s latest buzz has it that the “sexy” series has added four exciting new characters. Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan, will portray that hunter I warned you about. He is Allison’s grandfather, he’s good at what he does, and he wants to recruit Allison and teach her the hunt.

Also coming along is Private Practice‘s Stephen Lunsford. Lunsford, a new student skilled at photography, could cause a bit of a love triangle this season. He is pictured above.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King actor Daniel Sharman will be a a lacrosse teammate for Scott, but disturbingly, he will become sought after by Alpha Wolf, Derek, acted by former 7th Heaven hottie and Road to Perdition star, Tyler Hoechlin.

Did I say love triangle earlier? Why not make it a foursome? The fourth newbie has yet to be named. She’ll be female however, and with that in mind, couldn’t she further complicate Scott’s already threatened relationship with Allison. When we know more, you will, too!

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