30 Rock NBC

How would you react if you were perusing the Internets when you suddenly learned rising actress Emma Stone would be making a cameo on NBC’s gut-busting 30 Rock? If you answered with anything between vaguely positive and overtly sexual then you had the correct response. Yes, Miss Stone will be making her debut appearance on 30 Rock to participate in a joke that has me running up the walls just knowing it’s being made.

Jane Krakowski’s Jenna winds up starring in a holiday themed movie with an ensemble cast, brought to us “from the producers of Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.” According to EW.com the film will be called Martin Luther King Day. I did not originally read the part about Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Ever, but as soon as I saw the title for Jenna’s in-show movie I knew they were poking fun at those lame (in my opinion) holiday romantic comedies. The funny thing is I can picture Emma Stone legitimately doing one those hokey movies in real life, but the fact she’s participating in this parody is much, much better. And joining her in the spoof is SNL’s Andy Samberg and Up All Night’s Nick Cannon. I will definitely be looking forward to whichever episode this takes place in.

It’s been a long wait for 30 Rock to return to the air, but the wait is over. 30 Rock’s sixth season premieres this Thursday, taking over the 8 p.m. timeslot from Community (oh dear God, WHY!?). It’s a bittersweet reunion with one of TV’s funniest comedies.