The Hobbit

You might have thought our last tribute to actress Evangeline Lilly was going to be as good as it gets until The Hobbit‘s 14 December debut begins to get closer. You thought wrong! The gracious one has offered up some new details about An Unexpected Journey and we have a fresh photo to boot! Don’t be surprised. Boomtron is your center for all things Middle Earth.

Aside from being very warm and very pretty and a part of very popular series like Lost and now Lord of the Rings, Evangeline Lilly is also an exciting topic because her Hobbit character, an elf named Tauriel, is one that was not in Tolkien’s books. Jackson is using his creative license, and thanks to today’s details, we sure are glad.

The actress told Yahoo! Movies that she usually doesn’t do a lot of prep work for a role. She prefers to be fresh and “spontaneous”. However, that’s not much of an option for her New Zealand shoot. “There is nothing natural about being an elf,” she says, so there was plenty of homework to be done. I’m especially excited that part of the homework was stunt training. Tauriel is a warrior, which means Lilly would fight like an elf, using a bow and arrow as well as daggers.

Language work was also done to speak Elvish and use an English accent when speaking, well, English. And when it comes to There and Back Again, due out next December, Tauriel has an even bigger role in that one.

In the great photo, you see actors William Kircher, Graham McTavish, Martin Freeman, James Nesbitt and John Callen. Enjoy!