Game of Thrones HBO

From Qarth comes some truly eye opening tidbits regarding the upcoming second season of Game of Thrones. News for GoT’s plot is strange in that if you’ve read the books you won’t be surprised when a cast member says, “Oh, we’re going to kill the main character.” You know every thing that is going to happen; so all news is largely uninformative. Now, for those of us who are new to the franchise, we have to be more careful what we read. There are fans out there who don’t care that we haven’t read the source material and will spoil upcoming events. Thankfully, Nonzo Anozie chooses his words carefully so we are enticed rather than spoiled.

While at the premiere for The Grey, Anozie, who is playing Xaro Xhoan Daxos in GoT, spoke to about what’s coming for Season 2 (and it’s not just winter). He teases that the season will be much bigger, meaning it will sprawl all over Westeros, revealing new locations. It will also delve deeper into the politics of Westeros as several armies prepare for war over the Iron Throne. And speaking of war, Anozie let’s us know there will be an entire episode devoted to depicting the war, but Anozie stops himself from revealing too much. It must be hard to keep all those secrets locked up when it’s so exciting you just want to scream it out!

As for his character, who is the prince of Qarth, he will meet up with Daenerys and the two… do stuff. He doesn’t get specific at all. What he does say is everyone on set for GoT is at the top of their game, indirectly promising this season will exceed the first.