Katee Sackhoff, Riddick

Will it be Starbuck versus Riddick on the big screen? Not exactly! But today’s news is something even better. She did play Starbuck once upon a time on the cult remake of Battlestar Galactica on the network currently known as Syfy, but right now actress Katee Sackhoff has another science fiction project on the horizon. It involves Vin Diesel, the action star of whom Sackhoff is a big fan!

Collider had the awesome opportunity to interview Ms. Sackhoff about the upcoming Riddick sequel. As if she didn’t already have enough good news, the actress is also gearing up for her role on the A&E western crime drama called Longmire, which will begin to air this coming summer. But seriously, how did she land a part on Riddick 3?

That is a really funny story. As she tells it, the filmmakers had Katee and about four other actresses in mind for the part. They warned her that at a moment’s notice, Vin might come into town and they would call her and she’d have to just show up. As if doing a table read or an impromptu audition in front of an actor you already like isn’t stressful enough, imagine getting the call that he was ready to see you in the middle of the night. That’s what Sackhoff says happened. She drove to meet Vin around midnight and called her mother afterward to tell her she thought she got the role simply because she showed up.

Good job, Katee!

Sackhoff says she’s a big sci fi fan. She grew up on the stuff and really loved the first two live action Riddick movies. She also says she’s absolutely itching to “blow some shit up” in her new role. Rock on! She’s already working out to get her Starbuck body back in line.