Glee Fox

How many times has Rachel Berry referred to her two dads? Probably too many times to count. Fans are probably wondering if they’ll ever get to match faces to the roles. Well, sources say that time is fast approaching. That’s right! Glee will cast actors into the roles of Mr. and Mr. Berry. Unfortunately, neither dad can be acted by legend, Elton John.

When you think about it, the Rocketman would be the perfect choice to play one of Rachel Berry’s two gay fathers. In fact, according to TV Line, the executive producer of the popular Fox series, Mr. Ryan Murphy, is currently meeting with actors interested in the roles now. Elton John was considered, but he is currently on tour. Isn’t that the luck! Still, the good news is, many actors would jump at the chance to be cast in the parts. There’s excitement in the air, for Murphy should find some guys who fit perfectly into the shoes of the fathers Berry.

You can cross your fingers and hope to see a Glee episode with the two gents around late February or early March. In fact, if everything goes most swimmingly, and a spin-off series launches, to star Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, freshly graduated from High School, then maybe Rachel Berry’s parents will be regular characters there. We’ll have to wait and see.