How I Met Your Mother CBS

It’s a little bit of a ways away, but CBS would like us to have a look at what’s to come in the How I Met Your Mother episode titled “No Pressure,” airing February 20th. As has been the unofficial theme of Season 7, HIMYM brings up the past, specifically the Season 2 episode “Something Blue.” Long time fans should remember that as the episode we found out Ted and Robin broke up. If you were paying attention you’ll recall they had a conversation over where they thought they saw themselves in five years.

Well, for those keeping count at home, Season 2 was five years ago, so have Ted and Robin achieved their goals? Heck no. “No Pressure” sees Ted and Robin sit back down and talk about their lives yet again, only instead of breaking up, Ted seeks to get back together with Robin. SPOILERS! At this point in the season, Robin and Kevin have broken up (but we already knew that would happen, right). END SPOILERS! As you can see from the image gallery below, Ted and Robin look like they’re going to kiss, but it seems like they decide to just hug it out. Thank goodness. I do not want them back together.

Also, you can see a shot of Robin in her room packing her luggage. Is she moving out? I personally think she’s going to travel the world while she can. And what’s everybody else doing this episode? Barney is apparently trying to obtain something private of Marshall and Lily’s. I’m thinking it’s a sex tape.

Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/FOX