Vin Diesel, Riddick 3

If you like costumes, actor Vin Diesel, and updates about Riddick 3, then you are going to love today’s photo.

In fact, if you like Mr. Diesel on Facebook, you’ll enjoy seeing his personal updates regarding the much anticipated Riddick sequel. You can even go there and like today’s photo.

The third live action Riddick movie is as of yet untitled. Right here at Boomtron we have been keeping up with concept art and the like. We even recently delivered some candid thoughts from Diesel’s new co-star, actress Katee Sackhoff.

But speaking of costumes, what IS Diesel wearing in this picture? The Furyan’s trademark goggles are in place over his eyes. There are heroic gauntlets protecting his forearms. Though the image is dark, there does appear to be some more decorative armor and possibly a cape. Much of Diesel’s heavily muscled arms are bare and that should keep his female fans happy.

I’ve heard rumors that actor Karl Urban could reprise his role as Vaako in Riddick 3, and that the film would be complete sometime in 2013. I’ve also heard the plot could send Riddick back to his home world, the planet Furya. David Twohy is director and screenwriter for the science fiction, space adventure sequel.