X-Men: First Class

Yes, 2012 will reveal The Avengers as they assemble on the big screen, thanks to director, Joss Whedon. Another fabulous Marvel Comics team will also be getting together once again sometime in the future. They are the X-Men. More specifically, they are the team’s First Class, and today’s news is they’ll get to keep their director.

I first read the joyous news in a Michael Fassbender interview. The exciting actor, who is the franchise’s younger version of Magneto, said there would eventually be a First Class sequel. Now the President of 20th Century Fox Production gets re-upped, and sets her sights on the heroic picture, offering us some more details on the reunion.

Her name is Emma Watts, and according to the good news over at Deadline, she has freshly signed on to continue her job until 2015. Instead of breaking into cartwheels and back flips, it appears one of her first items of business was to get Matthew Vaughn to ink a deal to return to direct the blockbuster’s sequel.

Simon Kinberg is currently writing the script for the as of yet untitled sequel and Bryan Singer will return to produce the picture. Super heroes are a big business for 20th Century Fox and thanks to Josh Trank’s great work in his thriller called Chronicle, as we reported right here on Boomtron, he is being considered to helm a reboot or sequel to The Fantastic Four. Looks like Fox will continue to make theirs Marvel.