On Gender, Diversity & Originality In Crime Fiction

Kindly Ones

This is all opinion today, so if you don’t like opinion pieces let’s just get the news out of the way and then you can go about your day:

The first issue of John Kenyon’s Grift Magazine is out soon. It has a pretty great line-up of fiction and non-fiction including Ray Banks, Ken Bruen, Scott Phillips, Lawrence Block, Tom Pluck, Chris F. Holm, Keith Rawson and more.

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The Entertainers: 5 Essential Movies of Scam Cinema

dirty rotten scoundrels

Hollywood: it’s all a scam, isn’t it?

For all of our lives, the movies have promised us big, big things.  Action and adventure are just out there waiting for us.  Good always triumphs over evil.  A simple confusion of gender will result in a humorous situation.  And everybody is having way more sex than you.  Like the good little marks we all are, we run frantically to these show-biz con-men with fistfuls of dollars, just begging to be parted with our money and our senses.  And then as with any good con, once it’s all over, we stand there on the sidewalk, squinting in the sunlight, our dreams crushed by reality and our pockets empty.  The movies are the longest running scam in world history.

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Absolute Sandman vol.4 Pag. Int. (1)

The Kindly Ones: Part 7 | Sandman Meditations

In the seventh part of The Kindly Ones, the growing sense we’ve had that Lyta’s story and Dream’s will intersect climactically is solidified by this chapter’s many parallels and apparent omens.

Ominous parallels and forboding omens.

Forced to find a simile for this chapter’s structure, I’d hem and haw a while, then, reluctantly (because of impossibility, because of imperfection) say Part 7 is like a quilt, and every few pages we get a new square, and all the squares are threaded together with the strings of past stories. (You have noticed by now, I’m sure, that each chapter except for the prologue and Part 6 begins with a string across the first panel.) The past stories are stories out of histories and mythologies, and, more and more, past Sandman tales. There is, for me at least, a sense of gathering — gathering characters, gathering plots, gathering stray props and loose ends and spare change.

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Why AWAKE Is About To Become The Best Show On Television*


*For those who are still jonesing for something to fill the void in their life left by Lost.

Just to get past the nagging qualifiers, I’ve been hyping this show since the moment I heard the premise and saw the trailer for it (I won’t post it again here as I have been spamming the Complex for the past three months).  I have a nasty habit of doing this.  As a result, the sight of Chinese Democracy sitting on the shelves at Best Buy with a $1.99 price tag gives me stabbing pains in the abdominal area every time I go to pick up batteries.

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My Valentine’s Date With BUTCH FATALE | review

A few months back, I ploughed through Jungle Street by Don Elliott. Elliott (the pseudonym of SF master Robert Silverberg) wrote numerous smutty novels (such as Escape To Sindom, Sex Gang and Party Girl), the kind which once flooded the market with their lurid pulp covers of half-naked buxotics either frolicking with strapping young men or running from them.

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Cock Fisting Commercialism by Ray Banks

wolf tickets

You know, when I think about it, Wolf Tickets is a lot like cock fisting.

Bear with me.

Wolf Tickets is a weird book for me, because it’s the only one I ever wrote knowing full well that there was very little chance of it getting published. It wasn’t the subject matter, per se – hidden money, button men and treacherous women aren’t exactly new concepts in crime fiction – but its origins and, for lack of a better word, style.

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The 10 Perviest Crime Films

Crime films give every genre a run for its money when it comes to getting hardcore. Murder, torture, kidnapping—they have it all and in many cases, they show it all. Even the lion’s share of the horror genre doesn’t hold a candle to scenes like Mr. Blonde getting down with a duct-taped cop and a straight razor.

Sex is no exception to the gritty lens of crime film. Sure, soft-focus has its part to play, but for every sultry love-making like in the Big Easy, you have a eye-ripping atrocity like I Spit On Your Grave. We’ve combed the archives to bring you the worst offenders, so send the kids to your ex-mother-in-law’s and let’s us revel in our sense of self-loathing with—The 10 Perviest Crime Films.

These films bring a demented original twist on original sin.

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silent house

‘Silent House’ – Elizabeth Olsen Screams With Talent

Silent House holds a lot of dark splendor for such a lean feature.

This trim 88-minute thriller is rendered in a single shot. That artistic effort alone makes it worth the price of admission.

It braids in a lot of other captivating elements: Subtle unfolding of the plot. An eerie, understated atmosphere. Mounting tension that wrenches into the surreal for the final act.

Best of all, Silent House has the golden thread of Elizabeth Olsen’s talent to hold it together.

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In and Out of The Big House: DOING TIME and 9 SOULS – The Nail That Sticks Out

By his own admission, noted Mangaka (pro comics creator) Kazuichi Hanawa had long been interested in themes of confinement. An early, unfinished experiment was a manga concerning a masked man locked up in a basement. It’s oddly appropriate then that Hanawa, a noted collector of replica firearms would, years later, be incarcerated in Hokkaido and serve roughly twenty months of a three-year sentence (December 1994-October 1996) after “trying out” some remodelled guns he’d acquired.

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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer that actually interests me

I’m not typically a fan of online multiplayer modes in games. I’m not suited for it; I’m generally not very competitive, not very social, and I just find a well-designed single player scenario much more enjoyable than the frantic chaos of the typical online deathmatch. I’m also, at least where he genres that dominate that sort of gameplay, such as first-person shooters and fighting games, are concerned- just not that good, and I’m not particularly interested in spending time being stomped into dust over and over again by opponents I have no chance against.

(The sole exception to this being multiplayer in Red Faction: Guerrilla, where the destructible environments meant that I could partially compensate for my poor aim by exploiting the fact that ambushing opponents in crowded areas by unexpectedly smashing through a nearby wall with your sledgehammer and bursting through the gap like a sort of murderous Kool-Aid man was a viable strategy.)

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Absolute Sandman vol.4 Pag. Int. (1)

The Kindly Ones Part 6 | Sandman Meditations

We have reached a sort of middle: the sixth part of The Kindly One’s thirteen parts. Thirteen, of course, being an odd number does not split evenly in two. Fans of Part 7 might find it more comfortably middle-ish, being for all intents and purposes the beginning of the second half, while fans of Part 6 might argue fervently and ferociously that their part is really the middle because it’s the end of the first half. Fans of Part 8 might then dispute the fans of Part 7 for the title of Beginning of the Second Half, invoking all sorts of ancient statutes requiring that second halves be shorter than first halves if the halves are not equal halves.

So there you halve it: the halves and halve-nots.

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WRONG – Interview with Director Quentin Dupieux Following Its World Premiere @ 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Quentin Dupieux, director of Rubber, premiered his new film, WRONG, at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. The next day, Boomtron sat down with Quentin in a condo on Main Street to discuss, among other things, his inspiration for the film and his filmmaking philosophy.

I learned a lot in speaking with Quentin which, for the most part, enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the film. Additional topics covered included casting, Dupieux’s reasoning behind certain characters’ abnormalities, the personification of “shit” (yes, shit), and universality of the love between humans and dogs.
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