Move over regular moms, because CSI has just cast a former freaking Charlie’s Angel to play somebody’s mother. It doesn’t matter whom the child is, that person officially has a hot mom and everybody on the show now has the right to point it out. In fact, I will be sorely disappointed if nobody makes a MILF joke somewhere in the episode. It can be subtle; I just want it in there. Now, who is playing the mother and who is she the mother to? Let’s find out!

According to TV Guide, Jaclyn Smith, the longest running of all the Charlie’s Angels, has been cast to portray the mother to Wallace Langham’s David Hodges. This is just perfect, folks. The man with the habit of giving up way too much information than was asked of him will have his mother stop by for a surprise visit hopefully to reveal more information about his childhood than he would like revealed. Smith’s character will have the chance to meet all Hodges’ co-workers and you can bet it will be end in some form of hilarity. I’m predicting Hodges will feel a marginal amount of embarrassment by the episode’s end.

Unfortunately, no airdate for Smith’s episode was announced just yet. Aside from her time on Charlie’s Angels, Smith is known for her significant work on TV movies and mini-series, as well as appearing Season 3 and 4 of CBS’s The District. I think it’s kind of cool she doesn’t do a lot of regular series work.