Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming sci-fi project has heads turning. The hype is quickly growing around this feature-film as production details are becoming finalized. The film entitled Oblivion began making headlines when Tom Cruise signed on to play the lead character, turning the film from the director’s, in to a “Tom Cruise Movie” which seems to happen quite often when Cruise takes part in a production.

Spotlight-hogging by Cruise aside, Oblivion has been quietly developing over the past few weeks gathering quite an impressive cast. Signing on to the project along with Cruise is Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurlyenko, and Game of Thrones’ very own Jamie Lannister – Nicolaj Coster-Waldau!

Oblivion is based on a graphic novel created by Kosinski and takes place in, you guessed it, a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth’s surface has been utterly decimated. Kosinski’s film adaptation of his sill unreleased graphic novel was originally turned down by Disney, with executives telling him that they will not produce the film. Kosinski shopped around and eventually Oblivion was picked up by Universal Pictures.

In this story, most of humankind has moved above the clouds, and those who remain on the surface are forced to deal with brutal alien scavengers who pick at the remains of civilization. After an earthbound soldier, who repairs drones that patrol and destroy the aliens, discovers a woman crashed landed in a craft, they begin an adventure which changes his view of the world. The drone repairman will be played by Cruise. Cast as the mysterious woman is Riseborough and Kurlyenko will play the part of Cruise’s lover/partner who grows increasingly uncomfortable with his relationship with Riseborough’s character.

While on this journey that forces the repairman to re-evaluate all he holds dear to him, he crosses paths with Sykes, “a battle-hardened, physically imposing, intelligent and extremely athletic military technology and weapons expert,” who will be played by Coster-Waldau. After seeing him as the intimidating, smug and oh so hateable Jamie Lannister, I’m sure the role of Sykes will be an easy one to pull off for the actor. Coster-Waldau has an alluring screen presence and exudes confidence and cunning which seem well suited to the role of a military-minded strategist.

Deadline reports that production is set to begin in March in Louisiana. There is no anticipated release date yet for Oblivion but you can certainly catch Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister in season 2 of Game of Thrones which airs April 1st. Other things to watch for him in are; the German production Headhunters, which premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, and Mama, which is in post-production as we speak.

I can’t say I was overly impressed with Kosinski’s Tron sequel. Other than being distracted by the shiny things on screen for about twenty minutes the movie overall wasn’t that great. Oblivion on the other hand looks like it could shape up to be an impressive and visually stunning film with a high-profile cast and script that lends itself to some amazing visuals. Audiences may be very surprised by this film.