When I think of comedian Louis CK,  I would never immediately think of Ashley Tisdale (Hellcats) unless the two were specifically pushed together. But pushed together is exactly what’s happening. CK has been preparing a pilot with Spike Feresten, and Tisdale was the first person to be cast. I may not immediately feel comfortable with Tisdale ever appearing on a television show, but that simply stems from the Disney image she wore for so many years. I have to remember she’s not that little girl anymore and has grown up considerably. With an open mind I can see that this is a good move for her.

CK and Feresten’s pilot is a CBS multi-camera comedy with Tisdale playing Petra, the beautiful yet sarcastic assistant to a vintage clothing designer struggling to make a name  in a niche market. According to Deadline, the pilot will take place in New York (of course), but aside from that there isn’t much information about the characters or the plot. Without more details I’m hesitant to comment too much about the premise. CK has had large success with his unconventional comedy, Louie, so giving him the benefit of the doubt is something he deserves.

The script is apparently an updated version of a script CK and Feresten wrote 13 years ago. I wonder how much had to be updated? A lot can change in 13 years. BermanBraun, Universal TV and CBS TV Studios are producing the pilot, which will be the second pilot Tisdale has been attached to this development cycle. There was another multi-cam comedy at ABC she was to do, but clearly that didn’t go through.