House Fox

Just in case some of us were confused by the New York newspaper that threw out claims that House star Hugh Laurie decided to end the long running series because he was bored, Laurie himself issued a rebuttal to clear the air and get the truth out. The way Laurie tells it, and I’ll get to specifics in a second, the newspaper might as well have flat out fabricated the alleged quotes it took from Laurie. Why bother doing something like that? Just to stir up trouble? Someone should be fired over such a ridiculous thing.

According to TV Guide, Laurie released a statement to dispel the rumors of him basically deciding he didn’t want to work on House anymore. He said the truth was far from that, as evidenced by the joint press release put out by Laurie and David Shore. Laurie loved working on House. It was just time for House to end while it still had steam left in it to run. Nobody wants to see it bled dry of everything decent idea. So we’ve established the rumors were lies, but that’s only scratching the surface of the deception.

It seems the quotes the newspaper took were actual quotes from Hugh Laurie, but they were from five years ago and weren’t even about working on House. That’s just shameless manipulation of information. Sure, maybe they just saw those quotes and assumed they were more recent (and topical), but that is just so unlikely. No, whoever wrote the article shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a legitimate news source ever again.