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Ian Somerhalder Wants to Bring Back VAMPIRE DIARIES Bad Boy

Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries, CW

There you were, ready to see if Elena and Damon might share more than just an intense stare or a turn across the dance floor. And yet today’s headline suggests Ian Somerhalder‘s very hot Vampire Diaries character may just rage against any good boy sentiments instead. Lovers of the CW series have watched breathlessly as Damon has transformed slowly from cocksure violence to a capacity for more vulnerable romance. If you thought now was the time he could give his brother, Stefan a run for his money, then you might be wrong. Somerhalder says Damon has NOT turned over a new leaf.

In the TV Guide interview the actor explains that Damon is tired of being “repressed and stomped on”. He’s about to get his “mojo” back. It seems, vampires, just like poker players, have to know when to fold ‘em. Realistically, the actor says, it would be very tough for Damon t win Elena for good. After all, Damon has done “an insurmountable amount of bad” to her. Killing somebody’s brother isn’t exactly the same as professing undying love, now is it?

Will Elena heed Klaus’s suggestion that she stay away from both Salvatore brothers? How could she!? When we know more, you will, too!


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