Kristen Kreuk, Smallville, Chuck, CW, Beauty and the Beast

Lana Lang is returning to the CW network. Smallville is over (on television at least), but things are just beginning for the CW series, Beauty and the Beast, and actress Kristen Kreuk is your title beauty.

Deadline announced the seasoned CW actress had won the lead role in the new series. You can expect the story to very loosely follow that of the 1980s CBS series which starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Though Beauty and the Beast is a romance at heart, so to speak, this re-telling has “a procedural twist”.

Kreuk’s Catherine will be a NYPD homicide detective. I like this already! Her past trauma includes witnessing her mother’s murder nine years prior and the slaying of her mother’s killers, which followed right after. Who killed them? You guessed it, it was the Beast.

CW’s beast will be explained thanks to a military experiment gone wrong. I don’t know who is playing him yet, but I can’t wait to find out.

Gary Fleder is directing the pilot. Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper have written the script and are executive producing alongside the creator of the original series, Ron Koslow, and the original producers, Paul Junger Witt, C. Anthony Thomas, and Bill Haber.

We last saw Kreuk in a multi-episode arc on Chuck.