Month: March 2012

In The Mick Of Time: 7 Best Irish-American Crime Flicks

millers crossing

There’s always something that’s just a little dirtier about Irish crime movies.  Irish movie mobsters don’t wear silk suits and don’t tip off an impending whacking with a kiss on the cheek. In fact, in most cases, it would appear that they don’t even shower.  That would require foresight and diligent planning, which are qualities not typically on display in an Irish-American crime film.

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to tip our hats to the grand tradition of Irish thuggery in American film while we are all still coherent enough to do so.


Poison Elves, the best comic you didn’t read |Geek Girl Navigating the World


Poison Elves

I have been a die-hard science fiction and fantasy fan since before I knew what those words really meant. Genre fiction had yet to be uttered as an epithet in my general direction and I knew, long before I had terminology to define it, that I preferred a hefty dose of escapism in my reading materials. When it came right down to it, I’ve had plenty of reality to deal with, thank you very much, and it was nice to go play in someone else’s sandbox for a while.  Sure, they were never free of hazards both familiar and unprecedented, but they were at least a step removed from reality by virtue of the fact that they had specific elements that had nothing to do with the world that I inhabit.


12 Time-Twisted Crime Films


It’s time to spring forward, as the saying goes. What daylight savings actually saves is beyond me. Just another way of making me wake up earlier than sunrise. Twisting time has worked a whole lot better in crime cinema.

I’m not talking about the usual flashbacks mysteries throw in to pad their plot and shoehorn in some exposition. Plenty of crime film breaks the laws of quantum physics as blatantly as they do federal and state statutes. A handful manage to pull it off with style.