Cult The Vampire Diaries CW

The CW’s Cult pilot is borrowing everyone’s favorite high school history teacher/vampire hunter, Alaric, from The Vampire Diaries, but don’t fret just yet; Matt Davis will still be around to bring Alaric to life on screen, but he won’t be a series regular anymore. Now that he’s landed the male lead opposite Jessica Lucas on Cult, he’ll only be able to make the occasional guest appearance on Diaries. It’s a tragedy on some level, but think of the big break this is for Davis. He gets to be the star in a potential series. That’s pretty tight.

According to Deadline, Davis will be playing the role of journalist blogger Jeff. When Skye (Lucas), a production assistant on the immensely popular crime show Cult, notices many disappearances and a probable murder reflect the events in the show she joins up with Jeff to investigate a group of rabid fans who are believed to be responsible. Jeff will have a personal stake in the investigation as his brother is among the people who have gone missing. They come to believe the fans of Cult have begun recreating the crimes from the show.

Out of all the pilots in the works right now, Cult is easily in my top three and I seriously hope it makes it to series. Here’s an interesting question: if Cult doesn’t make it past the pilot stage, will Davis be able to return to The Vampire Diaries as a regular, or has that ship sailed?