Maggie Grace, Lockout, Twilight, Kevin Bacon

Beauty, Maggie Grace, has a new gig. You know her as Irina from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, as Kim from Liam Neeson’s action hit, Taken, and as Shannon from J.J. Abrams’ Lost. Her new role, however, is down right deadly.

EW spread the word that Grace has signed on for the pilot of a new series about a serial killer. In fact, she’ll act as a doctor and the only surviving victim of an scary killer acted by James Purefoy (Camelot, John Carter). Purefoy is being hunted by FBI investigator, Kevin Bacon. Those are some big screen actors getting ready to tackle a small screen project!

The show doesn’t have a title yet, but interestingly enough, it comes from the Vampire Diaries and Scream mind, Kevin Williamson. The series is produced by Warner Brothers for the Fox network.

Kevin Bacon was last seen in X-Men: First Class and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

As for Twilight, the last installment (for now at least) is Breaking Dawn, part two, due out this summer. We’ll see Grace there as the other vampires become important allies to the wolf pack and the Cullens alike thanks to a new threat from the Volturi. Her character, Irina, belongs to the Denali coven and was briefly Laurent’s lover before he threatened Bella in the meadow and was killed by the wolves. You can bet she’s holding a grudge.

I simply cannot wait to see Maggie Grace opposite Guy Pearce in the Luc Besson sci fi spectacular, Lockout, opening next month.