Dexter Showtime

It’s a little early to be caring, but Showtime has announced when Dexter’s seventh season will be premiering this fall. All around the world, once die hard Dexter fans collectively groaned, “So what?” The Dexter craze died down long ago; with most fans feeling the once great series lost its touch after the fourth season, which was easily the series’ peak. Season 6 was a disaster in many viewers’ eyes, with some finding it predictable and devoid of any real benefit from its religious tones.

But regardless of how any one person feels, Dexter will be back on Showtime, with Season 7 premiering Sunday, Sept. 30th, according to If you’re like me and find Dexter’s degrading quality more annoying than enjoyable, then you likely feel this should be the show’s final season, but unfortunately Dexter was renewed for two seasons. This means there will be a Season 8 for certain. It doesn’t matter if Season 7 is great or abysmal, Dexter will be back next year. I feel like this isn’t fair.

Also premiering on that same Sunday is the second season of Homeland, a show still young enough that we can talk about it and actually be excited! It would be nice if the writers of Homeland would take a close look at the mistakes Dexter has made over the years and do their best to avoid making similar decisions. Regardless of which show is better, I’ll be tuning in to both come Sept. 30th.