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In just a couple short weeks, Glee will be channeling the awesome power that is White Collar when it brings in guest star Matt Bomer. Down below is the first image of Bomer in character on the show, and I have to say I am crazy jealous of his good looks. Why does he get to look like that when I have to look the way I do? I’m not even unattractive, but Matt Bomer makes me feel like a slug on the sidewalk. I guess it makes sense why he was asked to be on Glee.

As seen in the image, which comes from TVLine, Bomer will be spending plenty of quality time with Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson. Bomer will be portraying Blaine’s old brother Cooper (Get it? Cooper Anderson? Anderson Cooper? Hilarious!), and he just so happens to be just as musically gifted as everyone else on the show. The two brothers will be performing a mash-up of songs from the classic ‘80s band Duran Duran. Can’t go wrong with ‘80s rock!

Bomer will make his appearance in the April 10th episode, appropriately titled “Big Brother.” If his character makes a big enough impression there’s always a good chance he’ll pop up again. Unless they kill him off. But that’s not really Glee’s style. Besides starring in White Collar, Bomer is known for recurring during the first two seasons of Chuck as Bryce Larkin.