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Jordan Belfi cast in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

May is a big month for television as it’s the time of the year when many of the most popular TV shows build toward their season finales, and Grey’s Anatomy is no different. At this time, shows usually bring in an actor or two to have a short, but meaningful arc, and Grey’s is bringing in former Entourage actor Jordan Belfi to be their man. When he was on Entourage, he played the nemesis of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), agent Adam Davies.

According to TVLine, Belfi will have a two-episode arc during May sweeps, in which he will be playing a patient named Ryan. He’s described as being funny, self-deprecating and adventurous. Belfi’s casting was confirmed by a Grey’s Anatomy rep, however they would not say whom his attending physician would be. Could it be the identity of Ryan’s doctor will have some type of importance during his arc on the show? Perhaps he enters into an affair with one of the lady doctors? That certainly would be something you wouldn’t want leaking. Any ideas why they would keep his doctor a secret?

May will be a busy month for Belfi. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the only show Belfi will be appearing in. Belfi has a role on Bones, where he will be playing the movie version of David Boreanaz’ Booth. I’m dying to see him impersonating such a great character. I hope he captures all that we love about Booth.