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Lisa Edelstein may not reprising her role as Dr. Cuddy for the House finale, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing other familiar faces! Though she left earlier in the season to pursue her film career full time, Olivia Wilde has made room in her busy schedule to return to say one last goodbye to Gregory House and the rest of his diagnostic team. I was never a big fan of Wilde’s Thirteen, but there’s no denying she was a big part of the show after it’s big cast shuffle in Season 4.

The finale, which airs May 21st, will bring back Thirteen, TVLine reports, but there’s not word yet on why she is coming back. The last time we saw Thirteen, she had already quit working for House, but was coaxed into coming back to help with one more case. At the end of the episode, she had agreed to come back fulltime, but House fired her. Normally, House fires people out of bitterness and anger, but his time was different. House, who is well aware of Thirteen’s diagnosis of Huntington’s, wanted Thirteen to live out the remaining days of her life away from a negative guy like him. It was one of those rare moments when House displays actually compassion.

With both Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison unable to return for the finale, and Kal Penn’s character dead, Wilde could very well be the only former cast member coming back for one last hurrah. Creator David Shore, along with Peter Blake and Eli Attie, is writing the finale