Harry Potter fans, your time has nearly come! The long awaited Pottermore website will be open to the public very very soon. The date of Pottermore’s opening to the public will be this April.

J.K Rowling’s Pottermore was announced to fans last June with an opening to public scheduled for October. Rowling had written an extra 18,000 words of Harry Potter material for the interactive Potter universe. The site was intended to be a meeting place for fans, offering games, discussion forums, film clips and access to e-books. However, when October rolled around, fans were left in the lurch as an extension of opening day was announced instead, and after that, silence.

Waiting for Pottermore has tested the patience of Rowling fans and now a statement from Pottermore Insider has shed some light on the delays. The site has announced the opening date as “early April” and also promised new “exclusive content” and “many more exciting features” as a result of the Beta testing feedback. The Pottermore site was opened to only one million Beta testers last July and had a staggering 550 million page views per month, peaking at 50,000 requests per second as readers scrambled to become one of the million users chosen to receive early access. Millions of fans were tripping over themselves in order to get a chance to shape the website’s development.

Early reviews of the site had fans describing it as “utterly absorbing” and it removes “the air of mystery that sparks debate among fans.” These of course were not the reasons creators decided to delay opening. Reports of glitches and problems arose with the games and as we have come to find out, with the platform itself. Pottermore insider has posted, “We gathered some incredibly useful feedback from our Beta users, and it became clear that our original platform wouldn’t be suitable when millions more users came on to the site. So we made a big decision: to move Pottermore to an entirely different platform set up. This ‘invisible’ change has involved a lot of work behind the scenes but it will enable our users to get the best from Pottermore as it grows and develops.”

As the Pottermore team worked to make adjustments and change the platform, fans were left to wait even longer for their Potter universe to come in to existence. The extended wait has left a bitter taste in some readers’ mouths. One fan writes, This is very, very bad advertising for JKR. Is she aware of what is happening? It is frustrating for all the fans, and worst of all there is no satisfactory response.”

Potter fans now have the reason for the delay but has the shine faded for the site? Will the promise of exclusive content and many more exciting features reignite the fire for the Harry Potter universe? We’ve only got one more month to wait!