Justified FX

A Justified villain is coming to the rural set of Kentucky. The western themed FX series is in its third season now and building up to the finale with a guest star that will not be easily forgettable.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the series star Raylan Givens as played by Timothy Olyphant is described as a a quirky but dedicated U.S. Deputy Marshal who, having committed a justified killing in Florida – he shot a hit man who had drawn a gun on Raylan with the intention of killing him – finds himself re-assigned to a backwater town in Kentucky. Raylan is familiar with the area, having grown-up near by and spent much of his life trying to escape from it. Suffice to say Raylan was not pleased to be transferred there. While adjusting to his new life ghosts from Raylan’s past including former lovers, friends who are now involved in criminal activity, a criminal father, and his own persistent anger management issues all come back to haunt him. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and Raylan is continuing to put the bad guys away and protect the good.

One bad guy I’m not sure Raylan will know what to do with is Theo Tonin. EW first reported the  tid bit of information that Justified fans will want to hear. Cast as the mysterious Theo Tonin is actor director Adam Arkin. Arkin can not seem to escape the show lately. He has already directed five episodes of Justified which included the season 1 finale. Now Arkin is trading his directors chair behind the scenes, to a guest spot in front of the cameras. Arkin will not only appear in one episode, but he is scheduled for two (ep. 311 and 313), the later being the season 3 finale.

Theo Tonin is a Detroit Mafia head who also happens to be the boss of Quarles (Neal McDonough) and father of Sammy Tonin (Max Perlich). In this weeks episode entitled The Man Behind the Curtain Raylan came up with the theory that Theo had Banished Quarles to Kentucky due to his penchant for beating up male hustlers. Graham Yost the executive producer for Justified tells us that fans will learn more of Quarles and Theo’s backstory in episode 310 before the appearance of the mob boss. “Theo saved his life, but in a weird way,” Yost says of Quarles.

Arkin’s guest appearances will have him looking a little unique as well, “I don’t want to give it away. There is a physical tweak that Adam asked for,” Yost says. “Adam wanted to be distinctive, so when you see it, it’s like, Oh wow, that’s pretty wild. He’s not dressed as a pirate or anything. But he looks cool.” Some speculate that the appearance change will be to make Arkin look much much older since Sammy (Theo’s son) played by Max Perlich is not that much younger than Arkin himself. But I guess we will just have to wait and see when Justified airs on Tuesday night.