The Walking Dead AMC

With the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead now behind us (spoilers follow), we begin looking onward to Season 3 and the newly revealed character of Michonne. Just before a zombie ripped Andrea apart, a mysterious, hooded woman brandishing a katana and leading two zombies by chain saved her. The chained zombies had their arms and jaws removed, so they wouldn’t be biting anyone. We never saw her face, but this is without a doubt the character of Michonne, a favorite from the comic book series.

THR announced Treme’s Danai Gurira would be playing Michonne when Season 3 begins production in May. Her introduction is part of The Walking Dead’s transition into a new world. That shot of Michonne leading the zombies and carrying her sword was unlike anything seen of TWD so far. It was a completely different visual than we’ve been accustomed to and makes everything just little bit weirder. Weird is good in my opinion, and let’s face it; nothing about a zombie-filled world should be normal.

The Walking Dead Season 3 – Who’s Coming Back?

When looking for the right actress to play Michonne, the producers wanted someone who could embody the qualities that make Michonne who she is. She’s a loner and a badass. This won’t be entirely the same Michonne from the books. While they’ll share attributes with each other, the TV version will be a new take on the character. I’m excited to see what they will do with her. I’m open to the idea of trying something new with Michonne, so long as they make her as good with a sword as she is in the comic.