Lindsay Lohan Glee Fox

Lindsay Lohan, having hit rock bottom after doing her Playboy spread, Lindsay Lohan is still making huge strides to make a career comeback, with her next step being guest-starring on an episode of Glee. While she may have appeared on SNL already this year, this will be her first scripted television job since appearing on ABC’s Ugly Betty back in 2008. What do you guys think? Is Lohan ready to get back on television and do some legitimate acting?

I’m not entirely convinced, and it’s possible Lindsay isn’t either. TVLine reported she would appear in one of the final episodes of Glee’s third season, but she would be playing herself. That’s hardly what I would call a hard day’s work, but it’s certainly a starting point for Lohan. Hopefully she won’t be doing this type of gig forever. She needs to start playing fictional characters before she herself becomes one. Lohan will be part of the panel of celebrity judges that will be judging Nationals. So far Lohan is the only celebrity who has been announced as being on the show. In the past, Glee has brought in Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John to be judges.

Lohan’s first challenging role may just be around the corner. The actress is in talks to portray acting legend Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime biopic. Is it a good fit? Without a doubt it’s something I would tune it to. I’m curious if Lohan still has what it takes to be a serious actress.