The Host, Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan


Update: Here is The Host teaser trailer!

This March the film of the month is definitely The Hunger Games. The science fiction action adventure is predicted to be a monster record breaker at the box office. The same thing could just happen next March. Why? Well, Stephenie Meyer’s book adaptation, The Host, hits theaters on March 29th 2013. Speaking of Meyer, rabid fans already know the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part two trailer will premier during The Hunger Games screenings this coming weekend. Could The Host teaser trailer also appear?’

According to Meyer’s official website, The Host trailer will be unleashed on Thursday, March 22nd on-air via Access Hollywood and online via Yahoo! Movies. That’s just one day prior to the Hunger Games premier. Could that mean it’ll be ready in time?

Here’s what we do know about the trailer. Six lucky fans have won the once in a lifetime opportunity to appear in The Host‘s trailer.

The Host is directed by directed by Andrew Niccol of sci fi thriller, Gattaca, starring star Saoirse Ronan of Hanna, The Lovely Bones, and Atonement. Like The Hunger Games and Twilight, there is a bit of a love triangle in the story. Ronan is Melanie, a girl whose body is over taken by Wanderer, an alien entity known as a Soul. When Melanie’s presence doesn’t go quietly into the night as Wanderer expects, the two are forced to share one body and Wanderer starts to develop feelings for the man Melanie loves.