The Walking Dead AMC

The Walking Dead has proven once again that America has a strange love for zombies as the Season 2 finale broke all the previous records held by this series, and any other cable show. The mid-season premiere, “Nebraska,” was the previous record holder, and though the show dipped in weeks to follow, the nation must have caught up in time to watch the finale, which brought in a whopping 9 million viewers.

According to TVLine, “Beside the Dying Fire” not only had the highest total viewers, but with a 5.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic, it stole the record for the most sought after audience. When you factor in the numbers from the encore showing of the finale you bring the total number of viewers to 10.5 million. These numbers show a 50 percent gain when compared to the first season finale. On average, Season 2 brought in 6.9 million viewers each week with a 4.6 rating.

When you have numbers like this on a show that seems to laugh at the very idea of records, you’d have to be a fool to let it go. The Walking Dead will be around for many years based on these numbers. While it may not always find praise critically, you cannot argue with the straight up fact people love watching zombies attacking humans. The blood, the gore, the very idea of a world overrun by the undead; that’s something the majority of people love.