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I was just thinking the other day that Bones should bring back psychic Avalon Harmonia back for an episode, just for fun. And wouldn’t you know it, my wish was granted! Avalon, as played by the legendary Cyndi Lauper, has appeared in only one other episode, way back in Season 5, where she used her psychic powers to lead Brennan and Booth to a mass of bodies buried underneath a fountain in Washington. Now after almost three years the character will be returning to lend a hand once again. Here’s hoping she’ll be just as useful as she was in 2009.

The news broke on Bones creator Hart Hanson’s Twitter account where he conspicuously declared “Writing dialogue for the incomparable Cyndi Lauper AKA Avalon Harmonia is a BLAST.” I’m reasonably sure his words can be taken literally. So why is Lauper being brought back? The answer lies in the style of the episode. As part of one of the four bonus episode this season of Bones was given, it was decided now would be a good time to try out an idea the writers have long thought about: showing the episode from the point of view of the victim. Whoa! That sounds a little crazy, am I right? But it certainly explains why a psychic would be needed. It would justify the change in perspective in that we’re seeing what the psychic sees as she channels the spirit of a deceased victim.

This certainly would be a tough episode to write and film, what with its atypical style. But it also sounds like it could a lot of fun to watch. This has me wondering what other plans the writers have for the remaining three bonus standalone episodes. Will they be run-of-the-mill or more outside the box? I’m hoping for strange and weird over the status quo, but that’s just me.