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AMC’s  Madmen gets visit from Madchen Amick, former Twin Peak Waitress

Mad Men’s fifth season has (allegedly) been off to a great start, and that trend will hopefully continue with the apparent addition of Twin Peaks alumna Madchen Amick, who will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of the Emmy award winning series. I’ll be frank with you Internet; I haven’t seen any of the new episodes of Mad Men. I know, I know. It’s a crime against nature, but that’s what happens when you become invested in way too many TV shows that air on Sundays. I’m hoping to catch up soon, but I’m not making any promises! Because of my lack of knowledge, my speculations about Amick’s casting may seem a little off.

TVLine reported Amick will be appearing in this coming Sunday’s episode, titled “Mystery Date.” This will be the only episode that features her character, which was unfortunately not given a description of any kind. Because I’m not caught up, it was difficult to search for information without spoiling the first few episodes, but I think I did a pretty good job. The official description of the episode says Don runs into someone from his past, Joan will be making a major decision, and Roger leans pretty hard on Peggy, giving her extra work to do. Could Amick be playing this person from Don’s past? Hasn’t Don met enough of those?

Without spoiling anything, what have you guys thought of the new season of Mad Men? Is Season 5 showing signs of being anywhere close to the quality of Season 4? Leave a comment down below and by all means express your opinion, whether it’s negative or positive. Try and give me a reason to be excited to catch up (not that I really need one. It’s Mad Men!) Just try and be polite. Little kids read these posts!