The Vampire Diaries CW

When The Vampire Diaries goes back in time in its Season 3 finale, we will meet an Elena (Nina Dobrev), and her family, untouched by the dramatic turns her life took once vampires and other supernatural beasties made their presence known to her. This was a simpler time filled with regular teenaged problems, like school, boys, and making it home on time to meet curfew. This was also a time when Elena’s parents, pictured above, were still alive. Unfortunately, as soon as you meet them you might as well say goodbye because they will not survive the episode.

The image of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert is courtesy of  TV Guide, and shows James MacDonald and Erin Buete in the respective roles. The Atlantic actors will appear in flashbacks, along with the deceased Aunt Jenna, and will help to give us an idea of what Elena’s life was like before vampires became such a large part of her day-to-day life. The flashbacks will give some great juxtaposition from the easy going past to the chaotic and drama filled present. But all good things must come to an end since Elena’s parents will meet their end in a fateful car accident that sends them off a bridge. Elena herself is almost killed as well, but Stefan swoops in to save the day.

To prepare herself for the accident scene, Dobrev got her scuba diving certification. The scene was shot 12 feet underwater in Atlanta and lasted two days, with filming lasting eight hours each day. That’s a lot of time to spend wet and cold in the water. Besides demonstrating how complicated Elena’s life has become, how else will these flashbacks be of importance in the May 10th finale? You’d think they’d have some relevance to what is happening in the present, otherwise why show them? I’m sure the answer to that question, if there is one, will be answered closer to finale’s airdate.