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Laura Vandervoort heats up White Collar with Matt Bomer

White Collar’s Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is a man that severally intimidates me. He’s good looking, has an intense job I could only dream of having, and could have any woman he wanted. In an effort I will tell myself is to give him a harder time with the ladies, Smallville’s Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort, has been cast as a guest star for an episode in the upcoming fourth season of White Collar. I’d like to see Neal tangle with a girl like that! If anyone is more intimidating than Neal, it’s Laura Vandervoort. Have you seen her in a bikini? She could knock out a rhino with those looks.

Unfortunately, Neal won’t be as intimidated as I would have hoped. According to TVLine, Vandervoort was spotted locking lips with Bomer while filming a scene, giving us a firm confirmation of some kind of romantic entanglement between their characters. When’s it going to be my turn, huh? Why does Bomer get all the fun? Just because his eyes are like a window into your own soul, revealing aspects of yourself you had no prior knowledge of? Why are you magic Matt Bomer!? Ugh, let’s just focus on the story before I need to call my shrink.

Vandervoort will be playing a New York City socialite who stands to receive a large sum of money should her husband die thanks to his life insurance. This puts her into an interesting position should her spouse suddenly die. Who’s to say she won’t orchestrate his death in some way? Would Neal suspect such a thing of her? Obviously not if he’s content with sticking his tongue down her throat. You can look for Vandervoort in the upcoming Mark Wahlberg/Seth MacFarlane movie, Ted. White Collar’s fourth season is set to premiere July 10th, with Vandervoort’s episode airing a few episodes in.