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Californication Season 6 Add Maggie Grace – Showtime Spin?

Californication Showtime

Some serious buzz is hanging around Lost’s Maggie Grace, who has just been tapped to play a major role in Season 6 of Californication and may just have what it takes to turn the role into her own spin-off series. It’s not unheard of for a popular series to work in a backdoor pilot, but that method usually introduces the spin-off in a single episode, while Grace’s character will be featured in nine episodes of Season 6, giving audiences more than enough time to decide if they enjoy the character enough to follow her on her own adventures. And just what would that show look like?

According to TVLine, Grace will be playing Faith, a once innocent Catholic schoolgirl who has been exposed to the evils of rock and roll. She’s been a music groupie on the road for years and a muse fallen head over heels in love with whatever musician she happens to be with. Despite living a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Faith is still a religious person. I wonder how that works. During her time on Californication, Faith will find herself involved with Hank Moody (David Duchovny), as all attractive women who appear on the show should.


In my mind, and this is in no way confirmed, the spin-off would follow Faith on the road as a groupie, showing exactly how she lives her life. I can imagine there being flashbacks to before she chose this new crazy life. It actually sounds like something that could be really fun and sexy to watch. Of course, the spin-off is just an idea being tossed around right now. There’s a very real possibility it won’t even happen. But we will for sure meet Faith. Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Grace will do nudity. Call me a pig, but she’s is one hot lady I would love to see without clothes.

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  1. Roger76a

    May 15, 2012 at 3:25 am

    She will be naked. The requirement for the role includes “tasteful nudity” and “simulated sex”. The last two person to answer the same notice was Eva Amurri and that last season Brit babe.

    What makes this exciting and shocking is the fact Miss Grace the prude is finally popping her nude cherry after barely displaying any glimpse of the assets in previous movies.

    Maybe the advancing age (she will 30 next year and in Hollywood…) or the recession (including the deluge of foreign female artists willing to strip without much convoluted negotiated deals) forced Maggie’s hand to reevaluate her strict non-nudity clause. The prime networks are in a downfall in terms of viewership and ads. They are cancelling shows left and right and cutting down on new projects. That’s why the likes of Maggie and Alexis Bledel are taking on racy roles despite the previous allergic-like attitude towards sex and nudity on-screen.

    The Cali producers are also dangling the carrot in shape of a lucrative spin-off to pull in Maggie. This is where she is in danger of being exploited. Californication guys are priming for full-frontal scene from a well-known actress for the first time on the show. Maggie believing she will be in pole position to get her own show will agree to it. No objection from me of course. But in all fairness – a spin-off is unlikely even if she was superb in all 9-episodes. She was pretty effective in The Lockout. I thought she was finally maturing as an actress after sleep-walking in much of the movies she worked on.

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