Community NBC

Whether it’s a good omen or a bad one, Community fans have taken notice of NBC’s shuffling of the show’s last few episodes. How you view this comes down to your own philosophies on life, or more directly put: do you see the world as a glass half full or half empty? This isn’t the first change in Community’s schedule. The show was pulled from NBC’s midseason lineup before being reinstated in March and the same question came up: is this good or bad news for Community. I, personally, am leaning toward good news, but that’s because I’m an optimist.

According to E! Online, Community’s hour-long finale was originally supposed to air on May 24th, but was suddenly moved up a week to May 17th. There is already an episode airing that night, so the 17th will have 90 minutes of Community to get through all in one night. If you’re seeing this situation as if the glass is half empty, you might jump to the conclusion this means NBC is certainly cancelling the struggling series, which has a strong fanbase on the internet, but fails find a more mainstream audience, and this change in the schedule is just to burn off the remaining episodes before the cancellation is officially announced.

More realistically, NBC just needed something to fill space. Originally, Awake’s two-hour finale was to air on the 17th, but it has been doing so poorly in the ratings NBC decided to put something else in that 9-10pm timeslot and clearly felt Community would bring in more viewers. Also, the move places the finale during May sweeps, a key time for all TV shows. This strongly suggests a renewal, if you choose to look at it that way. However you’re feeling toward Community’s chances, negatively or positively, everything will be cleared up next Monday when NBC announces its fall lineup.