Fringe Fox

If Anna Torv is to believed, and let’s face it; there’s no reason she shouldn’t be, then Fringe Season 5 will be losing Seth Gabel’s beloved Lincoln Lee as a series regular. This literally breaks my heart. There’s a reason he’s one the most popular characters on the show; he’s kind, compassionate, confident, the constant underdog in the battle for Olivia’s heart, and a total badass when he needs to be (especially if we’re talking about his now deceased alternate self). To not have him around is like losing a very important piece of the puzzle that is Fringe. I’m going to miss this guy.

TVLine reportedly spoke with Torv, who plays all versions of Olivia Dunham (and William Bell on occasion), and she dumped the news of Gabel’s demotion. However (and this is a big however), Torv seemed to be making more of an assumption than an official statement. She’s basing this on the small fact that Lincoln decided to stay in the alternate universe when the bridge between the two worlds was severed, effectively trapping him in his new home. So yes, right now Lincoln Lee cannot cross over, but who’s to say Peter won’t reopen the bridge, especially considering Bell has been defeated (for now at least) and the bridge was actually healing the damage done to the universes?

The way I see it, if the writers wanted to they could easily bring back Lincoln for the entire 13 episodes of Season 5, or at the very least for a handful of episodes. I’d hate for the series to end and not know if he ever winds up with one of the Olivias. But there’s no reason not to bring him back. Some of the best stories of the series involved both universes working together, so to lose that would be quite the disappointment. So please, find a way to bring back Lincoln!