Gina’s back!!

Sure, the news that Luke Evans is to play the villain in the upcoming Fast And The Furious 6 (who would’ve thought that this franchise would make it so far?) is probably the more newsworthy tidbit of the day, but fuck it, Gina’s back!! Yes, she also has the forthcoming In The Blood as well, but let me have the moment, okay?

If you were silly enough not to see the Steven Soderbergh-helmed Haywire, the former queen of women’s Mixed Martial Arts proved herself a pretty sure hand in that superbly-soundtracked actioner, and my particular crush on her notwithstanding, it’s a shame that not more was made of the arrival of this new female action hero upon our screens. So her voice was raised an octave, big deal. It’s still very much Carano on screen, from the trademark bottom lip-chew (swoon) to the shy smile (awwww) and she brought it in the action scenes, man, hoo-boy.

Fast 5 was a surprisingly good time, I must admit. Being a fan of The Rock and armed with a cheap ticket, I checked it out with some scepticism. Outside of what I personally thought was a clunky and overlong middle section featuring a fairly clumsy heist sequence, the film brought it and I’m as surprised as you probably are to be welcoming the franchise’s continuation (I’ll also be looking at Fast 3: Tokyo Drift in an upcoming The Nail That Sticks Out column on gaijin adaptations of Japanese drag racing, FYI).

With the addition of newcomer Carano to the returning cast–which includes Mr The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordanna Brewster–and news that the film is set in London and Berlin, Collider hints that the franchise is heading for a kind of even more brainless Ocean’s (Insert Number Here) route, and as long as they tighten the heists up, I’m more than cool with that. The Europe shooting does bring its own classic car-chase baggage though, stretching all the way back to Michael Caine’s The Italian Job (surely a wink in that direction is in order?).

Oh, yeah, Luke Evans was in the wretched Immortals, the upcoming The Raven, and is currently working on The Hobbit. He’ll do fine as smarmy Eurotrash baddie.

But, who cares. Gina’s back!!