Glee Season 4 Guest Stars Announced: Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker

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Glee has yet to finish off its third season, yet reports are already coming in of celebrities being cast for parts in Season 4, with the first actresses to be hired being Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson. For Parker, this will be her first time on television since her days on Sex and the City, while Hudson hasn’t been on television since her 1997 appearance on EZ Streets. They must have worked out a very nice deal to secure them both so early on. Parker I’m not as surprised with, but Hudson has never seemed like someone who would do a stint on a television show. I was actually surprised to learn she was even on EZ Streets.

Yet TVLine reports it’s true, with both actresses signing on for multiple episodes. There was not an exact number for Parker, but Hudson was said to have a six-episode arc on the Fox series. Both will be playing mentors of sorts, Parker for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Hudson for Rachel (Lea Michele), which means they will be featured in the new New York City setting. It could be interesting to see how the personalities of Kurt and Rachel mesh, or more likely clash, with the people they meet at NYADA.


Even though Kurt and Rachel are graduating from McKinley High at the end of the current season and are being whisked away to NYC, we’ll still spend plenty of time with the other gleeks. In case you haven’t heard, Glee is adopting a new “show-within-a-show” format, which basically means it’ll focus on two distinct storylines. We’ll have the setting of McKinley and the New Directions, which we’re all quite familiar with by now, while also following the adventures the graduates in the Big Apple. It’ll be likely watching two different show’s at once, which could be really awesome or a terrible idea. Also affecting the series is a surprise move from Tuesday to Thursday nights. Fox said the move was because Glee would feel more at home with the likes of American Idol and X Factor. Whatever the reasoning, it is pretty clear Season 4 is going to be a whole new kind of Glee.

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