Everybody’s best friend lands another high profile gig.

Okay, so you probably already have Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street on your Watch List.  You don’t need to have Flavor Flav standing in front of you to know what time it is, and you certainly don’t need some nerd at a desk in Chicago to tell you that a Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration concerning greed and the stock market is deserving of your attention.  Hell, you were smart enough to find your way to the Complex to begin with, right?

Right.  So, it’s not going to hurt your feelings any to know that Jonah Hill is joining the Wolf of Wall Street fray.  According to Deadline, Jonah Hill will reprise his role as the World’s Bestest Buddy for the film.  In this incarnation, he will portray Jordan Belfort’s (DiCaprio) business partner, who bailed on his job at a furniture store to jump into the stock game.

My first instinct is probably the common one, which is that at least the paradigm of the role sounds pretty similar to the one he played in Moneyball, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

This is quickly followed by my second instinct, which is to marvel at how deftly Hill has navigated through the early stages of his career.  Who woulda thunkit?  Who would have thought that, of all the players from Team Apatow, Hill would fly the farthest the fastest.  I think it’s a fair appraisal of the situation to say that Hill has pretty well lapped Jason Segel and even Seth Rogen at this point.

For those of you who are like, totally not with it, The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the book of the same name by former trader Jordan Belfort, which chronicles his meteoric, drug-addled ascent to the stock market summit.  Belfort’s story is said to have been the basis for 2000’s Boiler Room, which was a damn good flick in and of itself, by my measure.

Naturally, I’m expecting The Wolf of Wall Street to be a jillion times better, and will be keeping a sharp eye on all future developments as they occur.  Stay tuned.