Brendan Fraser, Irishman.

Brendan Fraser Stars In Oddball Irish Stick-Up Flick.

It’s hard to get a bead on Brendan Fraser.  In a way, it always has been.  At the outset of his career, he certainly seemed to be part of the latter-day Tiger Beat crowd, lumped into the Sean Astin strata of notoriety.

The only flick of his that I really remember taking a liking to was Blast from the Past, with Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, and Christopher Walken.  In that flick, Brendan plays a guy in his late teens/early twenties, who was raised in a bomb shelter by his doomsday prepper dad (Walken).   The role fit Fraser more or less like a glove, allowing him to showcase whatever that wholesome thing is that people love so much.

Almost from the very beginning of his career, Fraser has never been out of work for long.  Roles in larger films have afforded him the freedom to take on roles in smaller pictures.  He can be seen in another upcoming film, entitled Whole Lotta Sole, which was acquired by ARC after its strong showing at Tribeca, according to Deadline.

In the film, Fraser plays a shy guy who gets in too deep with a local mobster, then attempts to make up the difference by robbing that very mobster’s fish market.  The film was directed by Terry George, who was the writer behind a couple of Jim Sheridan films, namely The Boxer and In The Name Of The Father, but definitely represents a departure from that writer’s normally stoic work.

Conceptually, the film sounds fun but familiar.  I’m certainly a lot more willing to tolerate a couple of hours of Brendan Fraser if he’s going to the trouble of making me laugh.  No date has been announced for the film’s release, but you can bet ARC will be moving toward one.

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