The long wait is over. We get to see William Shatner arrested. And yeah, just like it happened in our countless daydreams, it doesn’t go down pretty.

It’s drunk, sweaty and melodramatic. Which is to say, all Bill’s best qualities, turbo-charged with some booze.

We all knew it would happen. Nolte, Busey, Cage – all our great beast-men have spent time with iron around their wrists. Now it’s Shatner’s time.

Now, we share the photos with you.

Where did it go down? Rookie Blue, Season 3. ABC has a hot little cop drama on its hands with this property, and it’s hitting the streets again on May 24, 10/9 Central. The first traffic stop of the Rookie Blue third season starts with a proton-torpedo-sized bang as they bust Bill for drunk driving.

Are you a little disappointed that it wasn’t the season premiere of COPS? Yeah. Me too, a bit. Shatner could totally break those cuffs.

Instead, we have Rookie Blue taking full-advantage of Shatner’s 120-decibel ham. The plot of the Rookie Blue season three premiere “starts comic and ends dramatic.”

I expect, given Shatner’s acting style, it’ll come off the other way around. Way too much drama for the comic, and then so much drama at the end that I’ll be snickering uncontrollably as he weeps.

Anyway, the photos, via TVLine, reveal a vague and horrible chain of events:

First, Shatner hits a bunch of police cruisers with his car and gets belligerent.

Tell it to the judge, T.J. Hooker.

Then, they attempt to arrest him. Fools! They should have seen that coming…

You have the right to remain Shatner.

Next, the cops erupt into a very tense confrontation, and something catches fire.

Sir, please don't smoke in the van.

And, of course, Shatner looks on, expression like a medieval conqueror shocked to behold the landscape of bones his atrocities have sown.

Help me, Spock.

Then the cops push him against a van. And try to arrest him again. But then the van starts on fire. And this guy I don’t recognize gets really, really messed up. And then the van really starts blazing.

So, seriously: what was DeForest Kelley really like?

Despite all this, I'd like to say I'm a really big fan...Right this way, ma'am.

Drama!Only you can prevent maintenance van fires.

As predictable as that all sounds, given the players involved, it sounds worth watching to me.