The Glee Project

Along with Lea Michele, The Glee Project’s second season is bringing in a few new faces to serve as mentors for the next batch of contestants looking to snag a sweet guest spot on Glee Season 4. Bringing their expertise to the reality competition is Cory Monteith, Naya Rivers, and Season 1 co-winner Samuel Larsen. As was the case with the first season, each guest-mentor will appear in his or her own episode with a specific theme the contestants will be focused on.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michele will be making her appearance in the first episode, premiering Tuesday, June 5th, with the focus on “Individuality.” Up next is Larsen, who will be showing off his dance moves in the episode “Dance-ability.” I can’t stop picturing his hair flailing around as he grooves to the beat of whatever song he’s dancing to. He has wicked hair. Mentoring in the “Vulnerability” episode is Montieth. He will specifically give a talk about bullying, which has been a recurring topic on Glee since the first season. It’s only natural for it to be brought up, as it could very well be something the contestants deal with back home. Strangely enough, the ability to sing and dance isn’t always met with positive reinforcement by your peers. Bullying is, unfortunately, a very real thing for high school kids.


But so is “Sexuality,” and for that subject, we have the very talented, very beautiful, Naya Rivera to show these kids how to tap into their sexy side. With her as the mentor, things could get a little heated, in a good way. The second season of The Glee Project is receiving a bit of a beefing up. The number of contestants from Season 1 was increased from 12 to 14, and the number of episodes went from 10 to 11. Other than that, the show seems to be following the same pattern it started last year by doing the same themes for the episodes.