Dexter Showtime

Dexter is the type of show that holds its cards very close to its chest, so when it gives out information it’s something to take note of, as is the case for Yvonne Strahovski’s character in the upcoming seventh season. When her role was originally announced by TVLine, there wasn’t any indication of what type of person she would be or how she would affect Dexter’s life. All that was said was she is a woman – go figure on that one – who has a secret past and somehow becomes involved in helping the police solve a crime. When you first read that it doesn’t sound very enticing, but when you add on the recently revealed backstory for the character, your interested starts to pique.


In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Sara Colleton indulged us with more on Strahovski’s character, named Hannah. Her past is dark and more than a little twisted. When she was younger, she up and left her small Florida town with an older gentleman and went on a freaking killing spree! I know, right!? That’s a huge reveal, and not at all something I would think would be shared with the public before the season even begins. And you know what? There’s even more to her than that. Eventually, Hannah and this man are caught, but Hannah turned states evidence against him, sending him to jail for life and giving her the chance at a new life. Flash-forward to the present day and Hannah is entering Dexter’s life. What could possibly be in store for those two?

There’s always the possibility of some kind of romance for these two. I think Dexter, upon discovering Hannah’s past life, would quarrel with himself over whether he should kill Hannah or make her into his new partner. It wouldn’t be the first lady friend he’s had to join him on his killings. Or could she be looking to do to Dexter what she did to her old partner?