Downtown Abbey PBS

I find it to be more than a little strange that a show like Downton Abbey can become as popular as it has, but that’s just me speaking as someone with very little faith in humanity. Downton is an exceptional bit of television and usually the case with these higher forms of entertainment, finding an audience isn’t something that comes naturally to them. They have to build it, carefully, over a period of time. Yet Downton Abbey has all anyone has been able to talk about since its first season. It has been quite the success and now the fans are eagerly anticipating Season 3. If you are one such person you’ll be glad to know there’s more than a few teasers floating around the Internet regarding what is to come.

The cast and crew of Downton Abbey have to been speaking with the likes of and TVLine about Season 3 and have dropped several nuggets of information. First of all, we can say for certain Season 3 will span two years beginning in 1920 and will see the characters recovering from the war. Things are not going to be happy, despite how the end of Season 2 made things seem. There will be some financial woes for the Earl of Grantham, while Mary and Matthew have a serious disagreement when she accuses him of disloyalty to the family, and they do this while trying to plan their wedding!

As to be expected, John Bates will still in be in jail for murdering his wife, but actor Hugh Bonneville was seen wearing a t-shirt that read “FREE BATES” at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. Read into that what you will. Branson and Sybil will see themselves invited to dinner at Downtown, upsetting the in-laws with political talk. There will be a newcomer in the form of the handsome Alfred. And lastly, don’t expect the series to venture off to America anytime soon. But America will come to Downton with new cast member Shirley MacLaine.